Monday, April 5, 2010

Three--it's a Magic Number

SO, I've been tagged...and this is actually my first survey EVER! Thanks, Lucy for forcing me to take the time to fill it out. It was actually fun :)

1. Three Names I go by:
-LouAnn (husband calls me this...we're strange)
-Poops (sister calls me this...she's even stranger)

2. Three Jobs I've had in my life
-Dance Instructor
-Freelance you love how I fail to mention "Administrative Assistant"?? Ugh.

3. Three Places I've lived:
-Amarillo, TX.
-College Station, TX.
-Philadelphia, PA!!!!!! LOVE IT!

4. Three Favorite Drinks
-Green Tea (Hot or Iced)
-Grey Goose Vodka Martini, slightly dirty (this one seems like a distant memory...)
-Grapefruit Juice

5. Three TV shows I watch
-Project Runway
-The Office
-Wendy Williams (How YOU doin'?)

6. Three Places I've been
-Tokyo, Japan
-Madrid, Spain

7. Three of my favorite foods
-Banana Bread
-Cinnamon Rolls

8. Three Cars I've Owned
-the Purple Satty (1997 Saturn)
-1994 Honda Accord
-Toyota Corolla...owner by default--through marriage

9. Three things I HATE doing
-hiking in the snow & camping on a freezing cold-ass mountain
-watching sports
-listening to AM radio

10. Three Places to find me on the weekend
-South Philly Tap room (pre-pregnancy fave!!)
-Fairmount Park
-in my kitchen making blueberry-banana pancakes & bacon, loving on my husband

11. Three Movies I've seen recently
-Alice in Wonderland in 3D
-It's Complicated
-I have to add a fourth one because I LOVED this movie: Where the Wild Things Are

12. Three Places I'd like to Visit
-Mexico (to see our Masons!)
-Japan again...take hubby

Whew! That was hard. I had to ask John about a couple questions. Haha..."Honey, what are three things I hate doing?" He was quick to answer that one :)

Contemplating in threes,

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  1. Soon you will have your own little threesome! Ricky and I love Three is a Magic Number from Schoolhouse Rock. The line "a man and a woman had a little baby, yes, they did. They had three in the family and it's a magic number." makes us teary every time!