Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tis the season...for some crafting!

Alexis and I busted out our craftiness in preparation for the upcoming Halloween Carnival Block Party on the 23rd of October.

We strung up some cute construction paper pumpkins, and we made a spooky wreath out of a hanger and a trash bag. Brilliant, in my humble opinion!

Our block is starting to look like a fun house :) I still can't get over how festive South Philadelphians matter what the holiday.


Monday, September 21, 2009

My new boss

Meet Roxie. Every day, we spend a few hours together walking around Center City. This is the perfect job because I get to explore my still-new city, and Roxie gets to tour with me. We are really getting to know each other, and I'm feeling lucky to have her. I never realized how many chicken bones are all over Philadelphia until I started walking with Roxie. She can find a chicken bone ANYWHERE!

Malcolm isn't even jealous. He's too grown up for jealousy. This past week (Sept. 15th) Malc turned 4 years old!!

I made the party hat, and Malc wore it for a total of two seconds. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Malcadorius Glorious McMore-ious!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As you already know, John and I moved to Philadelphia about two months ago. Lo and behold, I'm SEVEN WEEKS PREGNANT!! There is something in the water here. I'm not the only pregnant lady in this urban setting. Oh no! I'm one of about a million of us, all waddling around to catch the subway.

Being pregnant thus far has been a lot of fun. And a little scary, but I'm working on not letting any thing freak me out. I want to enjoy this new adventure in my (our) journey. However, I do have a teeny tiny tendency to over-dramatize things, so let's see if I can chill out and let my body do it's thing.

So far, pregnancy symptoms I've proudly experienced include:
-peeing all the freakin' time
-Fatigue (with a capital F) seriously, this one has knocked me over!!
-a couple headaches
-HUNGER (I'm the big hungry bear) from morning to night
-Fatigue (did I mention this already?)
-metal mouth: this is REAL...a metallic taste in your weird

By the way, I'm not complaining. I'll take fatigue and metal mouth ANY DAY over nausea and vomiting!

YAY for BABIES...what a turn our lives have taken! Can't wait to meet this person who will steal our hearts :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Malcolm gives it TWO PAWS!

There is something deeply satisfying about creating your own effective cleaning products. I have been using this book: Make Your Place by Raliegh Briggs, and for the past six months, our home has been transformed from a hazardous, toxic, chemical-friendly zone to a now safe, non-toxic, spic and span nest. I have slowly swapped out our chemical cleaning products for homemade remedies that really do the trick, and everyone (including our pup, Malcolm) is reaping the healthy benefits.

I started by opting out vinegar for bleach. I'm currently only using bleach for one tiny corner in our bathtub that is mold-prone. I love the smell of vinegar, as well as the effective cleaning power it displays.

When something was eating my basil in our tiny herb garden, I used simple castille soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. Worked like magic.

But, my proudest cleaning moment thus far is the Dog Shampoo. When I noticed fleas on Malc, I consulted my Briggs book for tips on natural flea repellent. The following concoction is a sure-fire, tried and true shampoo that REALLY works:

2 T Castille Soap
1.5 cups of warm water
about 5 drops of lavendar essential oil
about 5 drops of geranium essential oil

mix well, pour over pet's damp fur, and massage into a surprisingly rich lather.
rinse thoroughly, and say buh-bye to those pesky fleas. Plus, your furry friend will smell like herb salad! Delish :)

Hurray for healthy homes!