Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall colors

It's really lovely up here. I'm obsessed with the park view across the street. Enjoy the hues!
In colors red and gold, they set us on fire,

Monday, October 26, 2009

When company comes to town...

My friend, Leigh Anne, came for a visit from Chicago today. It was her first time in Philly, and I wanted to make a good impression of this city. When John and I went to Chicago a couple weekends ago, we got such amazing vibes from the place, and I wanted Leigh Anne to have the same kind of experience.

I've had lots of practice scoping out the perfect "tour de Philly" because my parents came a couple weeks ago for a visit, and then Katie Kelly came right after Mom and Al left. So, I've gathered plenty of ideas as to what is cool in Philly, and what doesn't sit well with visitors ( ie: dog walking in China Town is NOT that fun for tourists).

But, I think I've perfected the tour:
Leigh Anne and I drove through Center City and down Broad Street through Ave. of the Arts to get to Morning Glory (brunch place extraordinaire) in the Italian Market District. Then, we took Broad to South Philly, and L.A. got to experience first hand what makes South Philly...well...South Philly (double parking "hey doll-face" "how yous doin" Row Home style). I gave her the tour of mi casa, she met Malcolm, and we strolled through the park across the street and marveled at the changing leaves. Then, we hopped back in the car, drove through the ship yard to get to Old City. Leigh Anne told me historical tales about William Penn (what a hippie! I had NO IDEA) and I showed off Philly's really old architecture.

Then, I drove her back to her hotel in Center City so she could get some work done.

All in all, I'd say this was a lovely way to experience Philly in about three hours.

Come see us, and I'll customize a tour for you, too :)
All Aboard!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


My dear friend, Lucy from one of my favorite blogs A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy honored me with the One Lovely Blog Award!! I'm especially excited about this award because Lucy has been blogging A LOT longer than I, and she has developed this following of completely amazing, intelligent, "snarky" women, and she mentioned ME!!!!! (Perhaps it was my last post, injected with a little attitude, no?!?)

So, to repay the favor, I'm to pass the award on to my favorite bloggers.
And the award goes to:

Shannon of Paperwhites and Daffodil
Jodie of Where's the Bubbler?
Rob of Caminar
and (this is a motivational award to get her to post MORE) Alexis of Our Philadelphia Phamily

My Top Fantastic Reader's Fave All-Time Awesome Blogger Award goes to
Katie of Katiedid!!!!!
I have to tell you, from the moment I started reading this blog, I couldn't wait to be a mommy someday. Katie can write. Katie can sew. Katie can mother. Katie can do. I love her.

Thanks to Lucy for the smile :) Happy blogging!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, remember that upbeat Babydelphia blog post filled with enough positive vibes and sunshine that one would ever need? Like a year's supply of Vitamin D? Today's post has a change in tone.

Pregnancy is so hard! I never in a million years anticipated this complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown of all things I knew to be normal. Speaking of normal, I normally like to stay happy and cheery in my blog posts. But, today's honesty trumps cheer.

I was walking Roxie today, and I got this wave of a combination of exhaustion/ nausea/ hunger. And all I was doing was DOG WALKING! I literally had to sit down on a park bench and eat an apple and a handful of salted almonds to get my steam up again to complete the walk. This is coming from the dance teacher! Remember? The one who could command a room full of unruly 6-year-olds to plie and jete. I used to be able to go several hours without anything to eat or even drink while I was teaching. Now, I literally eat every hour or I get super sick.

Insomnia. How dare it visit me while I'm in this exhausted state! Alas, insomnia strikes because I can't get comfortable to save my life. And I'm only eleven weeks. Imagine my comfort level when I'm 38 weeks! Last night, despite heavy eyelids, I tossed and turned from 2AM to 6AM. Not joking. I can't sleep on my (preferred) back because I get this weird tingle in my stomach and lower back. So, I'm forced on my sides. I try to squish a pillow between my legs, but then I get hot. This war goes on all night.

Smells drive me nuts. Everything smells so different and weird. I no longer want Thai and Indian food. Instead, all I want is pineapple and Macaroni n Cheese. Not the good homemade kind of Mac n Cheese, but the salty kind that comes in a box.

Call me Madame Moody-pants. Now, I've always been a little sensitive because I'm a Libra. But, lately, I'm SUPER annoyed. If someone blows cigarette smoke into the sidewalk I'm crossing through, they're getting a look from this lady! If someone honks at me in Center City, I'm honking right back...only LOUDER! Oh, and my sweet husband! I might as well get him some special thick-soled shoes, 'cause he's walking on eggshells. Bless his heart.

So, I'm ending this rant with a reminder (to myself): I am blessed by this gift I've been given, and it is my responsibility to enjoy my pregnancy and recognize the beauty during this time.

Yeah yeah, whatever. Bring on the 2nd trimester. I hear things get A LOT better!
Tossing (my cookies) and Turning (on the AC),

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Flyers!

First, nothing beats a FIRST. Like attending my first NHL game. Hockey is so cool, and I never thought I'd say that.

The story goes like this: Neighb Alexis calls and says that another teacher at her school gave her five free tickets to see the Philadelphia Flyers game on Tuesday. John begged me, so we went...and had so much fun!

Reasons I loved this event:
-Flyers' color is ORANGE
-The fans get up out of their seats and dance (not just a tiny dance, but a REALLY active dance).
-Hockey players are HOTTIES sans teeth :) Seriously, they don't have teeth.

Awesome, and so entertaining.
Keep 'em coming, Firsts!