Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, remember that upbeat Babydelphia blog post filled with enough positive vibes and sunshine that one would ever need? Like a year's supply of Vitamin D? Today's post has a change in tone.

Pregnancy is so hard! I never in a million years anticipated this complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown of all things I knew to be normal. Speaking of normal, I normally like to stay happy and cheery in my blog posts. But, today's honesty trumps cheer.

I was walking Roxie today, and I got this wave of a combination of exhaustion/ nausea/ hunger. And all I was doing was DOG WALKING! I literally had to sit down on a park bench and eat an apple and a handful of salted almonds to get my steam up again to complete the walk. This is coming from the dance teacher! Remember? The one who could command a room full of unruly 6-year-olds to plie and jete. I used to be able to go several hours without anything to eat or even drink while I was teaching. Now, I literally eat every hour or I get super sick.

Insomnia. How dare it visit me while I'm in this exhausted state! Alas, insomnia strikes because I can't get comfortable to save my life. And I'm only eleven weeks. Imagine my comfort level when I'm 38 weeks! Last night, despite heavy eyelids, I tossed and turned from 2AM to 6AM. Not joking. I can't sleep on my (preferred) back because I get this weird tingle in my stomach and lower back. So, I'm forced on my sides. I try to squish a pillow between my legs, but then I get hot. This war goes on all night.

Smells drive me nuts. Everything smells so different and weird. I no longer want Thai and Indian food. Instead, all I want is pineapple and Macaroni n Cheese. Not the good homemade kind of Mac n Cheese, but the salty kind that comes in a box.

Call me Madame Moody-pants. Now, I've always been a little sensitive because I'm a Libra. But, lately, I'm SUPER annoyed. If someone blows cigarette smoke into the sidewalk I'm crossing through, they're getting a look from this lady! If someone honks at me in Center City, I'm honking right back...only LOUDER! Oh, and my sweet husband! I might as well get him some special thick-soled shoes, 'cause he's walking on eggshells. Bless his heart.

So, I'm ending this rant with a reminder (to myself): I am blessed by this gift I've been given, and it is my responsibility to enjoy my pregnancy and recognize the beauty during this time.

Yeah yeah, whatever. Bring on the 2nd trimester. I hear things get A LOT better!
Tossing (my cookies) and Turning (on the AC),

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  1. Really enjoy reading your blog, so I left you a little something over on my blog!

    Sorry you're feeling icky. Hang in there; it does get better!!!