Sunday, October 18, 2009


My dear friend, Lucy from one of my favorite blogs A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy honored me with the One Lovely Blog Award!! I'm especially excited about this award because Lucy has been blogging A LOT longer than I, and she has developed this following of completely amazing, intelligent, "snarky" women, and she mentioned ME!!!!! (Perhaps it was my last post, injected with a little attitude, no?!?)

So, to repay the favor, I'm to pass the award on to my favorite bloggers.
And the award goes to:

Shannon of Paperwhites and Daffodil
Jodie of Where's the Bubbler?
Rob of Caminar
and (this is a motivational award to get her to post MORE) Alexis of Our Philadelphia Phamily

My Top Fantastic Reader's Fave All-Time Awesome Blogger Award goes to
Katie of Katiedid!!!!!
I have to tell you, from the moment I started reading this blog, I couldn't wait to be a mommy someday. Katie can write. Katie can sew. Katie can mother. Katie can do. I love her.

Thanks to Lucy for the smile :) Happy blogging!

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