Thursday, January 14, 2010

A big pregnant lady learns to bake:

I've really enjoyed my Philly kitchen since we moved here in June. I have counter space, gas appliances, and a lot of motivation to cook up a storm. Especially since the kitchen I'm coming from was about the size of an elevator! I want to take advantage of my space by learning all the tricks of the trade, and I asked Alexis to teach me how to bake her famous chocolate chip cookies. She brought over her recipe on my very own custom recipe card (laminated and all!), and we rolled up our sleeves and baked.

Old kitchen (above) New kitchen (below)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

We tried to escape!!

Just as the blizzard was rolling into Philadelphia on December 19th, John, Malcolm and I attempted to escape it's frozen fury by driving south. Florida's food and family were calling our names for the holidays. Unfortunately, the blizzard was traveling up from the south, so we ended up driving straight through it. The travels were bleak and crazy, but we made it to Florida with little strife :)

Florida was just what we needed. We slept late, visited with family, ATE A LOT, and enjoyed the sunshine. We decompressed, and now we're back in Philly freezing our butts off!

A few pics I wanted to share with you-- I knitted drink cozies for our family's stocking stuffers. They were a hit!

Justin and Alexis came over and sang Chabad, and lit the Menorah with us before we left for Florida. It was such a beautiful experience, and we are so lucky to have these neighbs in our life. They are constant companions, and above all, really cool people.

And finally, I'm able to survive this winter because of my Christmas present from my parents: a long, down puffer coat from Land's End. This baby is my best friend these days. I go NO WHERE without her, and she is amazing!! Here's a pic of what I look like walking down the streets of Philly:

I don't care if it's not sexy! I'm pregnant, cold, and apathetic of the latest fashion trends.

Bring on the puffer! Bring on the warmth!
Hope the holidays were lovely for you and yours,