Monday, October 26, 2009

When company comes to town...

My friend, Leigh Anne, came for a visit from Chicago today. It was her first time in Philly, and I wanted to make a good impression of this city. When John and I went to Chicago a couple weekends ago, we got such amazing vibes from the place, and I wanted Leigh Anne to have the same kind of experience.

I've had lots of practice scoping out the perfect "tour de Philly" because my parents came a couple weeks ago for a visit, and then Katie Kelly came right after Mom and Al left. So, I've gathered plenty of ideas as to what is cool in Philly, and what doesn't sit well with visitors ( ie: dog walking in China Town is NOT that fun for tourists).

But, I think I've perfected the tour:
Leigh Anne and I drove through Center City and down Broad Street through Ave. of the Arts to get to Morning Glory (brunch place extraordinaire) in the Italian Market District. Then, we took Broad to South Philly, and L.A. got to experience first hand what makes South Philly...well...South Philly (double parking "hey doll-face" "how yous doin" Row Home style). I gave her the tour of mi casa, she met Malcolm, and we strolled through the park across the street and marveled at the changing leaves. Then, we hopped back in the car, drove through the ship yard to get to Old City. Leigh Anne told me historical tales about William Penn (what a hippie! I had NO IDEA) and I showed off Philly's really old architecture.

Then, I drove her back to her hotel in Center City so she could get some work done.

All in all, I'd say this was a lovely way to experience Philly in about three hours.

Come see us, and I'll customize a tour for you, too :)
All Aboard!

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