Friday, April 1, 2011

Crepe Date

My two "first friends" in Philadelphia were Kira and Jane (remember Jane from this post). We met while we were cast-mates in this really artsy Fringe show, and we've been getting closer every day since. They were there when pregnancy was a little scary, and they threw me a baby shower, and they're still my friends after those sleepless new-mommy days, and I was there when Kira announced she was preggers, and I waited patiently for her baby girl to be born because I had one secret desire: to stroll in Philadelphia with my baby alongside my friend and her baby :)

This week I got my wish! Singer and I went strolling with Kira and baby Eloise. We visited our favorite spot--Cafe L'Aube on South Street--for some real French crepes and coffee. Singer sang and Eloise slept, and I couldn't help feeling so blessed by the moment. I told Kira that I can't believe we are both here with our BABIES. Who would've thought?? I guarantee that neither one of us two years ago when we were half-naked wax sculptures writhing on a stage in front of a Fringe audience ever guessed we'd be where we are today. Ever.

And is there anything funnier than a baby pointing to a baby and saying "baybee"???

Here's to friendships that evolve into something bigger than you could have ever imagined.
For Kira,