Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Geeze!! I don't usually apologize for blog breaks. I figure everyone understands that you sometimes gotta do what you gotta do. But, I'M SORRY for this one. My excuse isn't even a good one: my kid has stopped napping!!! HELP!!!

It happened after we got back from Florida. Something changed while we were there. My mom thinks maybe the sunshine instilled a new sense of confidence in him. Who knows? All I can say is this kid has gained an opinion...about everything. Singer doesn't want to sit in his highchair, he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want to put on his shoes, and he doesn't want to have a diaper change. He doesn't want to nap, he doesn't want to nurse, and he doesn't want to get dressed. The list goes on...

What he DOES want to do: eat dirt off the floor, bang on the laptop, play in the dog's water bowl, pull all the leaves off the plants, climb the stairs, open the cabinets and climb on the dishwasher, and rearrange the furniture. I'm serious. He MOVES furniture.

So, I've been getting really creative about hiding vegetables in Pesto Ravioli or Grilled Cheese (the only two things he'll eat), and I've also been putting the teeny tornado to bed at 7pm. Who can blame me?!

One thing I can say--with each passing day, my baby is turning more into a toddler. And while it breaks my heart to see him grow up, I cannot express in words how proud of him I am. He is such a funny, kind little soul. He's curious about everything, and he reminds me of his daddy. And he reminds me of me sometimes, too.

And he's actually taking a nap right I shouldn't complain :)

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