Friday, February 11, 2011

All things FREE

Today, I'm doing a little counting of my blessings, and I'm realizing how very FREE things have been for us this year. Thank god, because Philadelphia is expensive. We'll take hand-outs any time.

Singer is a hand-me-down baby, and I see nothing wrong with that. It's his way of reusing and recycling. That, and his yogurt cups are made from plants. He's environmentally kind AND thrifty! Thanks to our friend Ro for the hat and shirt :)

Even Santa Claus is down with free stuff. He brought us a bunch of free books that the Free Library System of Philadelphia was getting rid of. Santa knows where it's at!

Oh, and Singer is giving FREE ukulele lessons, if anyone is interested.

Free to be you and me,


  1. Yay you don't know me but I made that hat!


  2. thanks for the craftsmanship, Kristen! We appreciate that hat :)

  3. Love that there are Little House books in that stack, love the Free To Be You and Me reference and LOVE that sweet baby face!!!