Saturday, July 10, 2010

While he sleeps...

I'm a Libra, and balance is an important part of my daily life. Trying to balance anything with motherhood is hard. On one hand, you want to give your child 100% of your energy. But, on the other hand, you want to give energy to your self and the things you love.

So...I'm really digging nap time :)
Ahh, my dusty uke still makes my heart skip a beat when I strum.

Our sweet-smelling basil forest is taking over the front window. I had to feature a pic! We're so proud. I've been making a lot of pesto lately. It's pretty much the most delicious thing I cook.

Also, I'm taking a weekly ballet class while John watches Singer. It's hard to tear myself away from my baby boy, but this is very necessary to my sanity! As John says, class makes me a happy person. Happy mommy = happy baby.

Figuring it out,


  1. I love reading from my granddaughter's mind and heart. She, Jessica, seems to have inherited her grandfather's gifts and talents with the written word--a gift indeed from genes or God, who knows? His first biography was written from our small den when our first son, Jessica's father, was two. Since then, many books have followed. And so it will be with thee, Jessica!

  2. Dot is Gemini and Jess is Aries. I do love and admire the balance of Libras. They seem so "all together"! JESSICA is a world conqurer, if she can decide which world to conquer!