Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby journal and a word or two about nursing.

My high school girlfriends were here in Philly this week, and they asked me if I was going to make Singer a baby book. I've already started journaling about only him in this simple leather-bound notebook, so I decided to include photos and scraps in the book and make a "baby journal". It's a little more personal than a baby scrapbook because I'm including my thoughts about mommyhood. John and I were talking last night, and we think that maybe we'll give it to Singer when he is older...maybe when he is about to be a Daddy?

Also, my girlfriends asked me about nursing. I got to thinking about me and Singer's breastfeeding journey, and I totally understand why so many women give up on nursing after only a few weeks. It's sooooooooo hard, and it definitely does not come naturally as one would expect. You and your baby have to figure out what to do, and it literally took Singer and I TWO MONTHS to get nursing down solid. What I told my friends, and what I'm telling the blog world is this: you have to really want to nurse, fight through the frustrations, and in the end--it's so worth it. Nursing is absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't trade the frustration for anything in the world. But, you DO have to work at it.

With warmth (Philly 103 degree-style),


  1. Beautiful picture! I love nursing. So much so that we are still doing it even though we've passed the one-year mark. I don't want to stop, but I guess we'll have to at some point. Do you think it would be weird for me to still be nursing him at 18? :)