Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back in the swing of things.

We drove to Texas from Philadelphia. With an 8 month old, a black lab, and a car full of presents, luggage and a lot of love, we made it safely, and we survived the most intense road trip ever! Needless to say, I've needed a while to put my head on straight when we got home.

But I'm back! And excited about the upcoming year. I have a crawler who babbles in his own language that I can decipher probably 75% of the time...which is pretty good, right? I have a heavenly husband who orders Thai whenever I'm too tired to cook, and he also lets me sleep in every other day (we trade off). And it's already January 11, which means Philly's harsh unforgiving winter is about half-way over!!! Hooooooray!

It's great to be blogging again, and I look forward to 2011 adventures and blessings to share.

Here's a vid of the kid. It captures his whiney "Malcolm won't let me catch him" voice, and then you get to witness the crawling master :)

Chasing after a wee one,