Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yard Sale blues...

Whoa whoa! I've got the yard sale blues! Yeah, I said I got the yard sale bluuuuueeess!!

So, nothing is worse than dragging a ton of stuff out to the park across the street, setting up tables, making cute cardboard YARD SALE signs, and smiling at total strangers, then counting your day's earnings to total $30. What a bummer! I'm no closer to my stroller.

We'll probably spend the money on subway tokens and a pizza splurge from City Pizza. But, on the upside, City Pizza has the most incredible Hawaiian pie I've ever tasted! Looking forward to that :)

It's actually funny how "yard sale" means something completely different in Philly than it does in Texas. In Texas, "yard sale" means someone is moving or getting rid of a lot of really great stuff, and you better get there early or the goodness will be gone! In Philly, "yard sale" means don't look those crazy people selling stuff on the curb in the eye--they might be on drugs.

Lesson learned,

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  1. Sorry, but I just laughed my ass off. Maybe you'll get some birthday money for your stroller.