Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little nostalgic...

We went to Assateague Island this past weekend with our friends Chris and Shelby. We were camping in Ocean City, and I nearly peed my pants when I realized that THE Assateague Island from the Misty books (that Grama Frieda used to read to me) was right next door.

We hopped across the bridge, and I was holding on to a glimmer of hope that we would see the wild horses. A lady in the bathhouse at the camp ground told me that I probably wouldn't see any--apparently people go years and years without seeing any horses. Plus, it was raining so our chances were even slimmer.

photo by Shelby Stanhope


It was so amazing. They were completely peaceful and content with their surroundings. I wanted to cry.

Remembering the way those horses used to make me feel,


  1. So neat! I used to love those books! My fave books when I was younger (and I still re-read them on occasion) were the Anne of Green Gables books. Jose knows he has to take me to Prince Edward Island someday so I can pretend to be Anne. :)

  2. Your Gramma Frieda read them to me. They were my favorites!