Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Think about your life, Pippin"

I Netflixed the 1977 movie Pippin this week because John had never seen it. Every time I see this movie, two things happen: a) I notice something new about the production design b) I cry.

Originally a Broadway musical directed by Bob Fosse, Pippin stars William Katt, Chita Rivera, and Ben Vereen. I can't imagine the original cast being better than this revival cast, and I can't imagine any other director taking this play by storm the way Fosse did. Pippin is disguised as this fluffy, fantastical, whimsical fairy tale about a boy who seeks an extraordinary life. But, hidden behind the costumes and choreography and fabulous seventies music is this incredibly deep morality tale that always leaves me speechless.

When Pippin finally recongnizes that the only time he was ever truly happy was when he was with Catherine, living under her roof and loving her son, and he sings "I'm not a river, or a giant bird that flies to the sea. But, if I'm never tied to anything, then I'll never be free" I get goosebumps.

This movie inspired me today to remember that the simplicity in life is golden, and even the most mundane, ordinary tasks can be beautiful if you have someone to share them with. Also (to add more cheese to an already cheesy post), love is all you need.

Cheers to Broadway's finer moments,

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