Sunday, December 5, 2010

Phavorite Things: Urban Jungle on Passyunk Ave.

I'm starting a new "Phavorite Things" series of posts for the holidays. Philly is full of beautiful, wonderful places, ideas, and people...and I want to showcase as many as possible this month.

Let's start with Urban Jungle on East Passyunk Ave. in South Philly. I discovered this gardening oasis while Singer and I were strolling, and after ducking into the garage door to find an old brick warehouse full of funky greenery gems, I've been obsessed.

Urban Jungle specializes in "vertical gardening" which is perfect for Philadelphia; limited "yard space" but plenty of wall space. The landscape designers create beautiful gardens that you actually hang on the wall. Also, the center sells home decor and seasonal items that are truly unique and urban-chic.

Check out these huge, lovely planters:
And here's wreath designer Rachel in action:

Yesterday we were there to pick up some gifts for John's mom, and I ended up coming home with this treasure:

We call it Space Wreath.

Urban Jungle's home-grown beauty earns the title "Phavorite Thing" this holiday season. And as I'm writing this, I'm fantasizing about going back and buying more ornaments. Maybe I should stop.

Kicking off the season with a green start!


  1. Looks like fun! Love the baby in the big planter!

  2. Do all of their urns have that cute baby in them? Because if they do, I'm going to need one!

    Looking forward to learning more about Philly!