Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really, Jess!?!?! Really?!?! or Why I'm a Phan

This post is dedicated to my Texas friends who are surprised by two new facts about me: 1) I like baseball and 2) I'm a Phillies phan.

Number two came before number one. When we moved up here to South Philly, and were bombarded by Phillies paraphernalia, I thought "Geez!! These Philadelphians sure are crazy about their team." I'm serious. Walking down the street, I'd say at least 2/3 of the pedestrians are sporting some Victorino or Utley jersey. And, who is this Utley character? Ladies!! Feast your eyes on this:
chase utley Pictures, Images and Photos

He is so hot.

So, at first the air horns blowing out of my neighbors' front doors were annoying, and the Phanatic was weird. But, after spending two seasons in Philadelphia, I've grown to ADORE the air horns and the Phanatic. And John and I find ourselves glued to the TV after Singer has gone to bed, whispering "SHIT!!" and "COME ON, WERTH!!" to each other.

We are super sad that the Phils aren't playing in the World Series this year, and I'm sure we'll still root for the Rangers. But, deep in our hearts, a sad violin will play for our dearly loved team who was so close, but lost in the bottom of the ninth by a stupid strike that wasn't even swung at. SO LAME, HOWARD! But, I love you anyway.

Enjoy a pic of Singer's first trip to the clubhouse. He's a natural born Phan, for sure.

Next year, sweet Phils. Next year,

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  1. ...and hopefully next year will NOT be the Rangers. It gives me a split personality during the season!