Sunday, March 14, 2010

If I could wrap it up, I would

Our nursery is complete!! I really need to walk away. John says that if I keep decorating, it will turn into a museum. So, I'm DONE! I'm leaving it alone. I have a list of other things that I need to do before baby arrives, and none of them involve setting foot in that room, thank god!

But (a quick note about the room)...I'm so in love with it. John and I worked really hard to create a cozy little nest for our newbie, and we filled the room with meaning and soul. I can't wait to tell him why we chose what we chose for his welcome-to-the-world space.

Since he's not here yet, I'll tell YOU :)
His name is Singer Nash Noel. We call him Singer Nash (and Baby Boy), and the name means music, strength, and us. John and I made the giant Scrabble tiles as a sort of inside joke. We've played so much Scrabble over our five years together, and if we could only find a way to peacefully play...but NO! It is full out WAR when John and I Scrabble. And we love it that way. Hopefully, Singer will get into the game when he's older. Who knows? He may hate Scrabble. But, I can fantasize of family game night, right?

John takes photos of animals. This is one of his favorite things to do when we're out and about. If he sees a critter, he busts out the camera for a photo shoot. It was only appropriate that we included Daddy's Nature Pics in baby's room. The places represented include: Bo and Elizabeth's Texas country home, the Noel family River House, San Diego (home of our dear Barnes family), and the first house we ever lived in together. Oh, and two of the eight photos were taken by yours truly :)

My dear, sweet mama brought her craftiness all the way from Florida. She sewed the curtains, dust ruffle, two pillows, and a changing pad cover all out of the sweetest disco print material you've ever seen!!! And, the white blankie was handmade by her. My mom wants to be called Yaya, which means Grama in Spanish. I love it, and I think Yaya needs a giant gold star.

Have I blogged about how awesome it is to have a really talented painter for a sister? The piece above the toy shelf was one of Nat's still life studies at school, and the portrait of John and I was a wedding gift. We are so blessed by this woman's creativity and expression. Hopefully, Singer will get some of her artistic genes.

Oh, and the peace cranes hanging around the nursery were folded by my Philly friends Kira and Alexis as a shower gift. They represent all the positive energy I hold near in preparation for the birth.

I'm getting really excited, as I'm sure you can see. Motherhood is my greatest adventure thus far, and I can't wait to embark.

What a journey!


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So nice learning more about the room! I LOVE the disco print and I ADORE his name! What a lucky baby to have such an awesome room! (Could I use one more exclamation point?!?! Why, yes, I can!)

  3. another Yaya, yay! That's what my mom is! It's actually Greek (abuela is Spanish). My mom was a little unsure at first as she's totally white/blond/blue-eyed, but I loved having a Yaya growing up (my dad is half greek), and as soon as Gigi started talking that was one of the first words she could say, mom's loved the name ever since.
    Love your baby room, too!

  4. Nice to meet you, Nicole! Thanks :)