Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Crafting...never too early!

Using my new sewing machine (thanks, Mom) and some patience, I crafted new Christmas stockings for John and I. I bought enough fabric to make matching ones for the baby and future babies that come along, and I think that these stockings will bring about a little bit of tradition to our new family. John grew up with a stocking tradition on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, Peggy and Steve let the boys open their presents, but on Christmas morning, they did stockings. The stockings were always jam-packed with treasures, and this tradition has carried through the years and is still strong today. I love Christmas at the Noel house, and I want to bring this tradition into our home. So, without further ado, I give you our homemade stockings that will hopefully last for the next twenty years:

Here's a couple close-ups of the lining. The fabric is so so cute, I have to show it off.

This was pretty much my first sewing project, but there will be more. Oh yes! There will be more.

Ahhh, sweet domesticity!

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  1. Your stockings are wonderful! (I hope you don't mind my commenting, I'm browsing through blogs about stockings and stocking stuffers and your blog came up.) I don't know how to sew in the slightest, so those stockings would be completely beyond my abilities. My husband and I don't have kids but we enjoy filling each other's stockings -- I haven't found the perfect stockings for us yet, though.

    Have a great day!