Saturday, July 11, 2009

A transient beauty, and a beautiful space

John is reading a lot about micro-biology these days, and over dinner the other night, he coined this weekly catch phrase. He used "a transient beauty" to describe how perfect and efficient every part of our anatomy works, but only for a certain number of years.

I, however, am stealing this phrase and applying it to summer in the city. The transient beauty of my surroundings will fade into a new beauty come fall. But, for now, I am relishing in the daily reminders that I am experiencing July like I never have before.

John's photography skills capture fireflies (or as Philadelphians call them: glow bugs).

And now, for a delightful shot of my "creative space" where I can meditate, knit, cut paper, write, BLOG, whatever. It's a bright, sunny space, and it's all mine because John has his Man Cave in the basement where all his wires and sound equipment and tools belong. Heaven...I'm in heaven.

Slip, sliding away through these sweet summer days,

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