Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation = Papercrafts

I'm a little obsessed with cutting paper. It started when I handmade 200 wedding invitations, and my obsession has carried over into friends' baby showers, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and printing:

When two cousins, one husband, and one brother are all graduating, it seems like a paper-cutting occasion to me. Dr. John got (as you can see) a DR. JOHN banner made with textured cardstock and fuzzy yarn.

And the high school grads gave me a much-needed excuse to whip out the gift wrapping stash. Sometimes, a gal just can't wait until December!

I think the graduation gifts we got for the highschool grads are super cool: a copy of Promethius Bound by Aeschylus to "keep them grounded" and a copy of Tony Kushner's Angels in America to "give them wings" :) Both of these plays spoke to me while I was on my college-journey, and I hope I hope I hope Peter, Erin, and Rachel are blessed by these writers.

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